3lb 3.8oz (1470g) Granite Sphere 4in Diameter (101mm) Natural Stone


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WilStone Creations proudly presents our newest line up of amazing unique stone products – Stone Spheres!

Sphere Details:

  • Stone Type: Granite
  • Stone Origin: NW Wisconsin
  • Stone Weight: 3lb 3.8oz (1470g)
  • Sphere Diameter: 4in Diameter (101mm)

NOTE:  This sphere has a notch about the size of ones thumb on it.  This sphere provides for the silky smoothness of the polish portions with a strangely tantalizing tactile sensation with the rough notched area.  The pictures show the notch and approximate size.


This beautiful piece of granite was found on our family farm in West Central Wisconsin.  It is polished to a high sheen and as you can see has some considerable depth to the material structure.

We have been making and selling spheres for a few months now and the biggest feed back we get is about the energy that the ball provides (positive) or removes (negative) from people.  I like to think that each sphere comes off the machine with its own personality and unique “powers”.
Each sphere is unique and made entirely by WilStone Creations LLC.  The rocks we use in our sphere products are from the Lake Superior region, brought to us and dropped by glaciers in West Central Wisconsin.  We select our stones personally from local rock piles and quarries.  They are brought back to our shop where we core them, cut the cores to size, and hand grind them in preparation for our in house designed and built custom sphere polishing machine.
Our custom sphere machine is as unique as the spheres it creates.  We call him “Dirty Harry”, and he is by far the dirtiest machine in our entire rock shop!!

The pictures of this sphere are representative of the color and smoothness of the stone.  Color will vary in different lighting; often the same sphere will reveal hidden facets or color or additional mineral composition in different light and viewing angles.  If you have questions about a certain aspect or would like pictures in different lighting let us know and we will take them for you!


Do you have a stone that you would want a sphere made from?  If so send us a note and we can talk about how we can make that happen for you!  After all, we are a custom stone shop!!

Contact us with any questions that you may have.


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