Minnesota Gophers logo on MN State Cut out



Minnesota Gophers Logo on MN State cut out.

Roughly 16in tall and engraved on 1/4in plywood material.

This piece is stained to bring out the wood grain and to enhance the engraving.  This item is made for indoor use, and will require coats of poly or wood protector for added protection.

NOTE: There is no hanger or holes in this piece to hang it.  We suggest using double sided tape or Velcro strips.  In our shop we use small nails that we rest the image on.  Our state sports product do not fit together – Wisconsin and Minnesota do not meet as they do on a map.  This is due to how we sized the states to get to 16in tall.  If you would like have a set of states that do match up, please contact us for options.

Is your team not represented?  Let us know what you are looking for and we can get you some pricing.  We have templates for all 50 states, and can design team logos for your favorite team.

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