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Are you having a hard time finding a larger display version of your unit/division emblem?  Let us help!  Our custom emblems often times are exact replicas of the emblem only they are engraved on wood.

What we would need from you is an example of your emblem.  A high quality digital copy often works best, but if you can send us a picture or image from the web along with some details (name of unit/division or any identifying info) we should be able to build a representation of your emblem.

We can do more then just round plaques, there are a lot of options and most are available to provide you with the perfect emblem.

Please contact us before you order, so that we can ensure that we are able to recreate your special image.  We can talk through your ideas and come up with a mock up of the piece for you to see and or make changes to – free of charge.


Please note that we have had some great success with recreating the emblems we have done.  However, not all emblems are possible to recreate due to the uniqueness/style of the art used or quality of the image available.


All of our wood products are laser cut and engraved in our shop in Somerset WI.

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