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Custom Military Service Memorial Plaque

Our Custom Military Service Plaques
are  made for a variety of reasons all
aimed at honoring our service members 
living and departed. All text on this piece is customizable.  You
are  not limited to what you see in the
examples. For example, this piece could 
be made to honor someone who served in a specific unit along with
dates of  service and the unit badge at
the top. The piece is about 11.25in wide and 
about 14.5in tall.  (height can vary based on your need.) 
The  plaque has a router groove on the
back for easy wall hanging. If you have 
questions please contact us.  We can talk through your ideas and
come up  with a mock up of the piece
for you to see and or make changes to – free of  charge. ************* This particular
plaque was designed as a memorial  to
honor not only a veteran of WWII, but a man who was dedicated to his  family as well.  I was honored to be
asked to create this piece, and 
further honored to be the one who was asked to present it to the
family on  Memorial Day in 2019.
************* All of our wood products are laser  cut and engraved in our shop in Somerset


We ship our products out as soon as they are ready. We make all our products to order so it does take a couple of days.

This piece along with all of the other items that we list on this site are made in our laser shop in Northwestern Wisconsin. We are a family-owned small company and pride ourselves in making quality products.

Additional product notes:
WilStone Engraving does all design, manufacture, and engraving processes in-house. This item is new and unused. It is handmade in our shop on a Laser Engraving Machine.

All Pictures shown are for illustration purposes only.

Actual product may vary slightly due to the handcrafted nature of our products. Every individual item is one of a kind. Finish, texture, color, wood grain, and wood material may vary. Dimensions are approximate. Each piece has a unique beauty.

Minor variations and character marks are part of the artistic design and production process. We do not accept returns based on these characteristics. We will accept returns for a Major defect. If any questions, please contact us prior to purchase.



All of our wood products are laser cut and engraved in our shop in Somerset WI.